Tanzania Private Investigation Agency (Now changed to T.P.S.C) is a licensed firm.  We provide adequate investigative services from government case work to private investigations. Our staff have been hand selected and carries a high quality of educational training provided by Private Institutions to government agencies. The Consumer should beware of subcontract work with no face value!! We do not subcontract our work!! Our investigational efforts take us countrywide. Our clients know that their case matters to us and they are not just another number.

Our agency provides Investigative and Private Process services to assist our clients in collecting information that would be vital in winning their cases. Our agency's expertise has been recognized throughout the legal and business communities for providing the most detailed and comprehensive investigative services available in the private sector today.

We examine, analyze, and investigate a wide range of resources to assist our clients in making effective business decisions and avoid unnecessary risks. We can locate witnesses, uncover hidden assets nationally, evaluate corporate entities and business partners, and provide litigation support in the detection and prevention of fraudulent activities.

Our staff is qualified experts and consultants in their specialized field of training to provide litigation support to our attorney and corporate clients.

What we offer

General investigation, undercover Investigations, White-collar Crime, Intelligence Services, photographic evidence, Fraud Prevention, criminal and civil legal cases, fraud,  theft, stolen or counterfeit goods, Sexual harassment Investigation, Suicide Investigation

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Missing Person
Tracing Debtors
Child abuse or molestation
Cheating Spouses
Insurance Investigation
Criminal Investigation
Fire loss Investigation
Unsolved crime Investigation
Private Clients
Corporate Clients
Computer forensics Investigation
Avoid Risks: Investigate your business partners before you start doing business with them, know everything about them and their companies
Do you know his/her background? Do you know if he/she truly loves you or it's  just a scam? Let us find out the truth for you.
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